• Thou shall reg­is­ter and vote; you must be in the game to play!
  • Thou shall know the play­ers;  your own leg­is­la­tors, the com­mit­tee chairs, leg­isla­tive lead­er­ship, LRC staff and the Exec­u­tive Branch Sec­re­taries, Com­mis­sion­ers and staff.
  • Thou shall know your issue well and relate that issue to your leg­is­la­tors in light of oth­er emerg­ing and press­ing con­cerns.
  • Thou shall make avail­able accu­rate, spe­cif­ic infor­ma­tion to your leg­is­la­tors and oth­er con­stituents in a time­ly fash­ion!
  • Thou shall be cre­ative in build­ing coali­tions and part­ner­ships around shared inter­ests.
  • Thou shall edu­cate and involve oth­ers in our cause, work­ing to “put a face” on the issue.
  • Thou shall be will­ing to com­pro­mise.
  • Thou shall stay in touch with your leg­is­la­tors all the time — not just dur­ing the ses­sion.
  • Thou shall be a reli­able and trust­ed source of infor­ma­tion.
  • Thou shall nev­er give up…there’s always the next ses­sion!
  • MOST IMPORTANT COMMANDMENT:  Thou shall treat the leg­is­la­tor or pol­i­cy-mak­er as you would want to be treat­ed!

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