• Thou shall register and vote; you must be in the game to play!
  • Thou shall know the players;  your own legislators, the committee chairs, legislative leadership, LRC staff and the Executive Branch Secretaries, Commissioners and staff.
  • Thou shall know your issue well and relate that issue to your legislators in light of other emerging and pressing concerns.
  • Thou shall make available accurate, specific information to your legislators and other constituents in a timely fashion!
  • Thou shall be creative in building coalitions and partnerships around shared interests.
  • Thou shall educate and involve others in our cause, working to “put a face” on the issue.
  • Thou shall be willing to compromise.
  • Thou shall stay in touch with your legislators all the time – not just during the session.
  • Thou shall be a reliable and trusted source of information.
  • Thou shall never give up…there’s always the next session!
  • MOST IMPORTANT COMMANDMENT:  Thou shall treat the legislator or policy-maker as you would want to be treated!

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