• Legislators are elected BY YOU.
  • Therefore, legislators are there TO SERVE YOU.
  • The Governor (and thus, the Executive Branch) are elected BY YOU.
  • Therefore, the Governor (and Executive Branch – Secretary, Commissioner, Department) are there TO SERVE YOU.
  • A Democracy requires that the voice of the people be heard.
  • Why should that voice be yours?          Because…

                    YOU care – and YOU care passionately.

                    YOU have the courage to “put a face” on the problem.

                    YOU are providing accurate, powerful information.

                    YOU are willing to learn how the system works.

                    YOU VOTE – and YOU can influence others to vote.

                    YOU are willing to talk to the media.

                    YOU can rally grassroots support.

                    YOU can build and be a part of coalitions.

                    YOUR position is “pure” – it comes from the heart.

                    YOU are willing to work – and to work hard.

                    YOU look good in RED!

                    YOU understand if YOU don’t speak out…who will?


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