• Leg­is­la­tors are elect­ed BY YOU.
  • There­fore, leg­is­la­tors are there TO SERVE YOU.
  • The Gov­er­nor (and thus, the Exec­u­tive Branch) are elect­ed BY YOU.
  • There­fore, the Gov­er­nor (and Exec­u­tive Branch — Sec­re­tary, Com­mis­sion­er, Depart­ment) are there TO SERVE YOU.
  • A Democ­ra­cy requires that the voice of the peo­ple be heard.
  • Why should that voice be yours?          Because…

                    YOU care — and YOU care pas­sion­ate­ly.

                    YOU have the courage to “put a face” on the prob­lem.

                    YOU are pro­vid­ing accu­rate, pow­er­ful infor­ma­tion.

                    YOU are will­ing to learn how the sys­tem works.

                    YOU VOTE — and YOU can influ­ence oth­ers to vote.

                    YOU are will­ing to talk to the media.

                    YOU can ral­ly grass­roots sup­port.

                    YOU can build and be a part of coali­tions.

                    YOUR posi­tion is “pure” — it comes from the heart.

                    YOU are will­ing to work — and to work hard.

                    YOU look good in RED!

                    YOU under­stand if YOU don’t speak out…who will?


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