Wellness Recovery Action Plan® (WRAP®)

The Wellness Recovery Action Plan is a framework with which you can develop an effective approach to overcoming distressing symptoms, and unhelpful behavior patterns. It is a tool with which you can get more control over your problems. WRAP was originally developed by Mary Ellen Copeland and a group of mental health service users who wanted to work on their own recovery – this is what they found worked for them.  Developing your own WRAP will take time, it can be done alone, but many find it very valuable to have a supporter – someone they trust, and work on it together.

Key Elements of WRAPWRAP

  • Wellness Toolbox
  • Daily Maintenance Plan
  • Identifying Triggers and an Action Plan
  • Identifying Early Warning Signs and an Action Plan
  • Identifying When Things Are Breaking Down and an Action Plan
  • Crisis Planning
  • Post Crisis Planning

WRAP tracks are held twice a week at the Participation Station and KYSTARS is available to assist individuals and programs to develop WRAP programs.

Copyright by Mary Ellen Copeland, PO Box 301, W. Dummerston, VT 05357  Wellness Recovery Action Plan® and WRAP® are registered trademarks

Do you have a Wellness Recovery Action Plan?  Whether you have a mental illness or not; you can benefit from using WRAP!  It is now really easy to keep your WRAP with you at all times if you use the new WRAP App.  Keep track of your Wellness Toolbox, a list of coping skills you enjoy and that can help you with the daily stressors we all encounter.  You can also use this app to keep track of your Daily Maintenance Plan, Triggers, Early Warning Signs, Breakdown Symptoms, Crisis Plan and Post Crisis Plan.  The App gives a brief overview of the different sections of the plan if you are not familiar or for even more information you can join us at Participation Station on Mondays and Wednesdays from Noon to 1pm to learn about WRAP and brainstorm and share ideas with your peers.  If you have questions you can email namimail@namilex.org  or call NAMI Lexington at (859) 272-7891.  Go to http://www.mentalhealthrecovery.com/ for more great WRAP resources!


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