NAMI Research Study

Opportunity for people living with schizophrenia and family caregivers to help improve medications for schizophrenia

Do you know people, including program participants or volunteers, who may be interested in improving medications for schizophrenia? If so, please forward the image and message below.


Interested in improving the quality of medications for schizophrenia? If you live with schizophrenia or are a caregiver of someone who does, we have an opportunity for you.

NAMI is working with a pharmaceutical company that is researching a new medication that targets early symptoms of schizophrenia. We are looking for adults who would like to answer an anonymous survey on their experiences with schizophrenia to help inform the research.

If you’re interested, call us (888–780-4167) or email us ( and we’ll ask you a few brief questions. If you qualify, you’ll be emailed a link to participate in NAMI’s Virtual Advisory Panel where you’ll take a survey and, if you like, share comments or advice.

Note: To participate in Virtual Advisory Panel, you’ll need access to the internet through a computer, tablet or smartphone at the time of the survey.

We value your time and lived experience. Individuals who complete the survey will receive a $50 Visa gift card.
Thank you for improving the quality of medications for schizophrenia.
Questions? Please contact us at



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